Garden & Landscape Tips

Here are 5 tips for growing houseplants successfully:

    • Give the houseplant enough light. Plants that require low to medium light do best in an east or north window. Place plants that need high light in south or west window. Do not allow houseplants to touch window glass. In summer the glass will burn leaves and in winter, the foliage may freeze.
  • It’s better to under water than over water. Most do best when the soil is allowed to dry a bit between waterings. If the first inch of soil is dry, water until it runs out the bottom of the pot. If plants need to be evenly moist, water when the soil surface feels dry to the touch.
  • Most houseplants do not need a lot of fertilizer. They particularly don’t need fertilizer in winter, when their growth rate has slowed. The exceptions are flowering houseplants, which do need regular fertilizing, keyed to their bloom cycle. Read and follow the label directions.
  • Many insects can be controlled on your houseplants by giving them an occasional shower. Move the plants to the tub and spray the tops and underside of leaves. In summer or warmer climates, this task can be done outdoors with a garden hose.
  • Keep plants tidy by snipping off brown leaves or spent flowers.
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