Preen Garden Weed Preventer: Blocks weeds for 3 months. Guaranteed

Preen Lawns are Weed-free Lawns

Preen's line of lawn care products helps you control crabgrass and other tough lawn weeds all season long for a beautiful weed-free lawn.

Weed control for your lawn

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Preen One Lawncare
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Preen Lawn Weed Control
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Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control
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Why people love Preen for their lawns

Works like a charm! I have used this product for several years, and it does a great job at controlling most weeds in my yard. I even put some on my neighbors yard to prevent all the dandelions from coming back.


Number one! It really kicked my lawn into gear and got rid of some pesky weeds while making everything green! I would highly recommend this if you want the best lawn on your street!


No more crabgrass! We purchased this to put on the grass where we removed our swimming pool, and the crabgrass is slowly disappearing. Thanks Preen!


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