Garden & Landscape Tips


Rocket Mix Snapdragons
Photo courtesy PanAmerican Seed

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) get a second wind when the days cool. Snaps tend to slow down their flower power in the heat of summer. Cut them back by about one-half, give them a good drink and they will revive and continue blooming until killed by a hard freeze.

Mealycup sage

mealycup sage
'Victoria Blue' Mealycup sage
Photo courtesy Iowa State University

Although mealycup sage (Salvia farinacea) does not fade in hot weather, its colors seem more vibrant once the temperatures drop. It continues to display its spikes of dark blue flowers well into winter. Allow this plant to stay upright all winter because finches and other birds eat the seed heads.

Annual dianthus

annual dianthus
'Picotee' Dianthus
Photo courtesy All America Selections

The annual dianthus (Dianthus chinensis), sometimes called China pinks, also revives in cool temperatures. Cut back dead flowers, called deadheading, and give the plants a cool drink of water and watch them bloom into winter.

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