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In the Eastern United States, a voracious pest has been munching its way through viburnums, one of the most popular garden shrubs. Serious infestations kill the plants both in our gardens and in the wild. Here are some things you should know about the Viburnum Leaf Beetles.

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Landscape Design

Sprucing up out front pays off: landscaping improvements are one of the top five home improvements recommended to sellers by real estate professionals. Even if you’re not putting your house on the market, a few smart touches will up your curb appeal and make your house a nicer place to come home to.

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This year impatiens will be scarce or non-existent in garden centers due to a serious fungal disease. Downy mildew largely wiped out this go-to annual flower for shade in at least 35 states. What to plant instead? Here are 8 reliable annuals for shady spots.

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