Senecio vulgaris

Weed Characteristics

Other Names: common groundsel, old-man-in-the-Spring, ragwort, simson, grimsel

Leaf Type: Broadleaf

Flowers: Yellow tips atop tight green buds

Leaves: Dark green leaves that are oblong and deeply lobed, often with purplish undersides

Life Cycle: Winter annual

Flowers are yellow, tightly closed quarter- to half-inch buds displayed in clusters at the ends of stems. Multiple stems rise from base and are reddish with deeply lobed leaves arranged alternately up the stem. Upright stems grow 10 to 12 inches tall, sometimes up to 18 inches. Puffy white seedheads are similar to dandelions. Most seeds are spread by the wind. Some seed germinates the same season, while others can remain viable in the soil for up to three years. Groundsel grows best in full sun and in disturbed soil that’s fairly rich in nutrients. It will also pop up in poor soil and compacted sites, including roadsides and sidewalk cracks. Groundsel doesn’t grow well in shade or in hot, dry conditions. Groundsel flowers in much of the U.S. from April to October. In mild climates, it can even produce throughout winter.

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