Preen's time-saving lawn care products control crabgrass and other weeds all season long with one application. Weeds rob lawns of water and other nutrients. They can also crowd out desirable grass, creating an unsightly, weedy mess.

Preen Lawn Weed Control Plus Crabgrass Preventer keeps grassy and broadleaf weeds from germinating for up to four months while eliminating existing crabgrass for up to four weeks;.it's one easy step early in the season. Preen Lawn Weed Control targets dandelions, black medic, several clovers and other weeds. It also prevents tough weeds such as Canada thistle and sorrel seeds from germinating. Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control stops crabgrass and other grassy weeds from growing for up to 4 months on well established lawns. Preen's weed control product with fertilizer, Preen Lawn StepSaver® Weed Control Plus Fertilizer, provides weed control and the nutrients grass needs to grow for a whole season in one application.

The lightweight, handheld, battery-powered Ready2Go Spreader kills more than 200 lawn weeds at the flip of a switch. The timesaving, pre-loaded and pre-calibrated spreader is perfect for small lawns or anyone with rough terrain, slopes, or tight spaces, where a walk-behind spreader is awkward.

Preen Lawn Weed Control

Kills dandelions plus 200 other broadleaf weeds for a beautiful, weed-free lawn.

Preen Lawn Weed Control Plus Crabgrass Preventer

Kills over 200+ lawn weeds and prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds for up to 5 months.

Prevents crabgrass and other common grassy weeds. Apply later in spring for season-long control.

Preen Lawn Step Saver Weed Control plus Fertilizer

Fertilizes your lawn and gets rid of the weeds in one easy step. 

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