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The Ready2Go Spreader™ introduces homeowners to a new era: lawn care at the flip of a switch. Perfect for small lawns, getting at hard-to-reach spaces, rough terrain or slopes, the new handheld, battery-operated Ready2Go Spreader is pre-loaded with product and pre-calibrated. The R2G spreader is a time saver designed for ease, speed and mobility.


Introducing the Ready2Go Spreader - the innovative new spreader that's designed to save you time by making treating your lawn quick and easy.

It's pre-loaded and pre-calibrated for correct application, so no more guessing which setting you should use. There are no handles to attach, wheels to adjust, or parts to maintain, and it's battery-powered so it's always Ready2Go.

Ideal for smaller lawns, spot treatments, application around landscaping, patios, walkways and driveways, and any terrain that's difficult to treat using conventional spreaders such as hilly or uneven areas. The durable construction and lighweight, ergonomic design make it easy to maneuver, even in the tightest locations.

The Ready2Go Spreader is refillable, allowing for use again and again, and it's easy to store, using minimal space in your garage or shed. Plus, you'll eliminate the clutter of messy, half-used lawn care products.

The Ready2Go Spreader. A beautiful lawn has never been easier.

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